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  1. What Can Be Done to Correct a Double Chin?

    Submental fullness can result from various causes, including weight gain, genetics and facial anatomy. At Imagos Plastic Surgery, we often perform treatments to correct the “ double chin” at our Miami office to help patients achieve a defined neck and jawline. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia offer various solutions to… Read More

  2. How Is VASER Lipo Different from Traditional Liposuction?

    If you’ve been working hard to achieve a lean, sculpted body by following a disciplined exercise and diet plan, you are on the track. However, diet and exercise can only do so much for the body. It’s very difficult to target specific areas with this approach alone. You might find that you’re not achieving the… Read More

  3. Common Types of Plastic Surgery for Men

    Every day more men are turning to plastic surgery to help regain confidence, reshape their bodies, and reform their physiques to better match their lifestyles and goals. For many years, plastic surgery seemed like a women’s matter, but it turns out that caring about your appearance isn’t only a woman’s concern. Men have specific issues… Read More