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  1. What Can Be Done to Correct a Double Chin?

    Submental fullness can result from various causes, including weight gain, genetics and facial anatomy. At Imagos Plastic Surgery, we often perform treatments to correct the “ double chin” at our Miami office to help patients achieve a defined neck and jawline. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia offer various solutions to… Read More

  2. 7 Tips for Caring for Your Skin after a Facelift Procedure

    After giving a facelift much thought , you’ve decided to schedule your surgery and rejuvenate your appearance! The results are stunning—your skin looks tighter, there are fewer wrinkles to be seen around your cheeks, mouth, and jawline and you feel and look refreshed! After your facelift procedure at Imagos Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL, now is… Read More