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Children are one of life’s most precious gifts. Many women strive to become a mother one day and to experience this miracle of life. Although it is a very rewarding experience for a woman, pregnancy can cause a lot of unwanted physical changes to the body. Among the most common transformations mothers experience is the development of excess abdominal fat and flaccidity that causes the stomach to protrude.

Even with diet and exercise, many women find that the abdomen is one of the hardest areas to target. It seems that a healthy lifestyle and at-home treatments are unable to produce the desired results. This is why many women opt to “tuck in” their post-pregnancy stomach by undergoing tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty.

The Benefits Of A Tummy Tuck

Before and after tummy tuck female patient front view

Tummy tuck surgery helps a woman to reverse the physical changes of childbirth to restore her pre-pregnancy contours. She can remove excess fat and skin, tighten the abdominal area, and enjoy the many other benefits tummy tuck surgery has to offer.

A Slimmer, More Defined Waistline

During tummy tuck surgery, excess fat and skin will be removed through an incision made from hipbone to hipbone just above the pubic area. The contours of the midsection and waistline can be tightened and reshaped. By repairing the abdominal muscles, patients will be happy to see a more defined waistline that is slim and attractive.

Tighter Abdominal Muscles

Many women find themselves with loose abdominal muscles that are caused by the belly stretching to make room for the baby during pregnancy. Only tummy tuck surgery can help a woman to reverse loose, weakened muscles. The rectus abdominis is the main muscle of the abdomen, which is found underneath the skin and fat of the abdominal wall. Sutures are used to bring the muscle strips together with a “corset-like” technique to tighten and strengthen the abdominal wall.

Improved Body Contours

By having the abdominal area corrected, a woman will notice the transformation tummy tuck surgery has on her entire body. She will have a beautifully shaped waist, a flatter abdomen, and an overall smoother midsection. Some women may decide to combine other procedures with tummy tuck surgery, such as liposuction to remove fatty tissue from multiple areas and breast lift surgery, breast augmentation surgery, or breast reduction surgery to restore a more youthful appearance to their breasts. Often referred to a Mommy Makeover, many women find several areas of their bodies that are flawed following pregnancy and need several procedures to achieve optimal results.

Women who undergo tummy tuck surgery, whether combined or as a standalone procedure, can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing figure. Some women look like they never experienced motherhood at all. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in addition to being cosmetically life-changing, the medical benefits of a tummy tuck are another reason for post-pregnancy women to decide on the procedure.

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