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Traveling Patients: Tips for Traveling for Plastic Surgery

Whether you are looking for face surgery, breast surgery, or body contouring procedures, your surgeon of choice should be a board certified plastic surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, highly-qualified and experienced in the procedures of your interest. This not only ensures your safety during the procedures but reassures you in obtaining your ideal results.

This requirement has encouraged patients to travel to renowned plastic surgeons, Jose Perez-Gurri and Onelio Garcia Jr. at Imagos Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL. If you are considering the same approach, here are 5 tips for traveling for plastic surgery that add to your convenience and comfort during the process.

1. Choose Doctors Who Personally Speak To You During A Virtual Consultation

Your virtual consultation will be scheduled directly with Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia Jr. to receive the most precise recommendations .Our plastic surgeons provide their professional opinion and recommendations during your visit , along with illustrating your potential results with the use of our state of the art software, Touch M.D. This software allows our patients to follow their surgical journey and revisit their consultation from the comfort of their home.

One of our knowledgeable patient coordinators will request your pictures , medical history and schedule your consultation. Once you decide to schedule your surgery , an in person consultation will be scheduled for you to meet face to face with Dr. Perez-Gurri or Dr. Garcia to review your surgery in detail , and review pre-operative and post-operative instructions.

2. Discuss All Your Aesthetic Concerns Beforehand

Please be sure to discuss all your concerns and questions with your doctor prior to traveling.

This approach lets you receive personalized advice, while also giving you the option to combine sought-after treatments. For instance, if you are concerned about adding a tummy tuck , liposuction or   breast augmentation to your surgery , your patient coordinator can schedule the additional surgery with enough time so you can take advantage of your stay.

3. Diagnostic Testing Before Your Travels

Depending on your medical history and scheduled procedure , a prescription for labs and/or medical clearance will be sent in advance to plan accordingly before surgery.

You can usually schedule to have these exams at any reliable laboratory , or at your primary care physician’s office.

4. Inquire About Accommodations from the Doctor’s Office

Popular plastic surgeons who host patients from around the world usually have the experience of dealing with the special requirements of traveling patients. This also indicates these medical offices will have the information of local hotels and resorts at hand.

By asking your plastic surgeon’s office for such recommendations, you can save yourself the trouble of looking for options all by yourself. More often than not, the places that your plastic surgeon’s staff suggest are also near the surgical facility, which further adds to your comfort during and after your surgery.

5. Consider How Much Aftercare You Will Need

While thinking about the benefits of traveling for plastic surgery, you must consider what type of aftercare you will need for your specific procedures. While some procedures allow you to travel within a week post-operatively, others require a longer stay for adequate follow up care.

To make sure that you are taking care of your health after your surgery, ask your plastic surgeon about the recommended amount of rest that you will need before traveling. Making this practice a part of your essential tips for traveling for plastic surgery allows you to keep your wellbeing front and center.

Ready to Travel for Plastic Surgery?

Traveling for your plastic surgery can require much planning, but the right providers make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. To learn how Imagos Plastic Surgery can help you follow each of these tips, schedule a consultation with Dr. Onelio Garcia Jr. or Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri today.  Contact us by calling (305) 692-0163 or by completing our online contact form.