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When The Mirror Says No

While we have treated thousands of patients who are satisfied with the outcome of their surgery, I’m here to tell you that is not always the case.

According to one recent survey, one in five patients (worldwide) is unhappy with their cosmetic surgery.

What can go wrong? The Internet is loaded with photos of movie stars who’ve had a bad implantation, or whose lips don’t seem to fit anymore with the rest of their face.

It’s true that even a routine procedure such as Botox can be botched in the hands of an unskilled or inexperienced technician.

But it’s not always the fault of the medical team, we should add. Patients may have had unrealistic expectations, or they may not have done their homework before the procedure.

What were some of the problems reported in the recent survey: Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

  • Recovery time was longer than anticipated, or the final outcome was not what the patient expected.
  • Dissatisfaction with the size or shape of (choose one): breast/ nose/ lips/ tummy
  • Breast enlargement performed improperly so the breasts look or feel unnatural

It seems that facelift, Botox, and breast augmentation topped the list of botched procedures. But generally speaking, any procedure can leave a patient feeling unhappy if it’s not performed properly.

How To Get The Results You WanT

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We’ve built a practice and a reputation on the satisfaction of our patients. So I’d like to post a little checklist for you, if you are considering cosmetic surgery.

– First, Do A Little Homework. Three-quarters of the patients in the aforementioned survey said they failed to adequately check the credentials of the professional who performed the procedure. Make sure your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This assures you that the surgeon has not only the training but ample experience in their specialty.

Is your surgeon affiliated with a good hospital? Board certification takes this into account, as the hospital must attest that the surgeons have both the experience and a good track record in his or her field.

You can also check with independent bodies, such as the ABPS, which reviews its members records and files.

Match-Making For The Long Term

– Second, Meet With Your Doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, about risks as well as benefits. You will also want to share your medical history with the staff, and tell them about any current conditions or medications you are taking. The ability to communicate with your doctor is the basis for a good long-term relationship. The time to ask questions is before the surgery, not afterward. Nobody likes surprises– and that includes the medical staff.

Speaking of long-term relationships, be prepared for follow-up visits.

Successful plastic surgery, like breast augmentation or tummy tuck, doesn’t end in the operating theatre.

A good plastic surgeon is interested in following the patient until the desired goal is achieved. Treatment should encompass the healing process and any subsequent medication or therapy.

While you might be doctor shopping– checking out different clinics or talking with friends– try to make a decision that is not based on price.

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Once you have narrowed the options to one or two highly qualified surgeons you feel you can trust, only then should you consider the fees.

After all, you wouldn’t put a value on your health, your appearance or your self-confidence. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong plastic surgeon because of a hundred-dollar discount.

That said, plastic surgery has never been so popular, affordable, or safe. So do your homework, then relax and leave it to the doctor.

If you had bad experience with plastic surgery and need an expert opinion on what can be done to fix it, follow this link to schedule a free consultation and I will be happy to assist you.

Dr. Perez-Gurri, Miami Plastic Surgeon

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