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How do you find the right plastic surgeon? Woman with her hand on her chin with a smile


The decision to undergo any form of cosmetic medical treatment is very personal and serious. Once you have made the choice for treatment, you must also choose a doctor.

This decision begins with careful research and an understanding of which qualifications are legitimate for the procedure you want. You must be comfortable with your doctor and establish a trusting relationship. I believe that beyond the qualifications of your surgeon, I advise that you look for a surgeon with a service-minded staff with excellent listening skills.

Not Every Doctor Is Plastic Surgeon

Legally, any doctor can offer plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery services regardless of their recognized board certifications, training and skill level.

Technically, your gynecologist or internist, or any licensed medical doctor can perform a facelift, a breast lift, or even inject Botox.

Figuring out credentialing can be confusing.

Where To Begin

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Make sure that your plastic surgeon is an active member and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Make sure that the doctor has listened to your concerns and directly addressed them.

Verify that your doctor should perform all procedures that require more than one topical anesthetic in an accredited or licensed office-based or surgical facility.

Make sure that the doctor has performed the procedure you are interested in many times and can provide recent photographs of before-and after results of actual patients.

Request a list of the hospitals where the doctor has privileges to perform your specific surgical procedure, even if he or she has their own office based operating room.

It is important that the office is clean, orderly and the staff is respectful of you time and presence.

Check with the state medical board that the doctor is licensed to practice in the state and has no prior or pending actions against him or her.

Remember You Are Trusting Your Life And Your Beauty On This Doctor.