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A weak chin has a tremendous effect on your facial harmony. Both men and women can suffer from a small or inadequate chin, which can accentuate nasal projection or create the appearance of submental fullness (double chin).Chin augmentation can strengthen a weak jawline and improve a patient’s overall facial balance and profile.

Am I A Candidate For Chin Augmentation?

Anyone considering chin augmentation must have realistic expectations of the surgery, be in good health, and refrain from smoking for several weeks before the procedure. Ideal candidates for chin augmentation can also relate to any of the following concerns:

  • A weak, recessed chin
  • Lack of jawline definition
  • Jaw or chin asymmetry
Woman resting her chin on her hand


Chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under general anesthesia. Typically, a small, solid silicone prosthetic is inserted through an incision created in the bottom lip. One of the benefits of chin augmentation surgery is that it requires no external incision and produces no visible scarring. The entire procedure can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After the incision is sutured closed, a surgical garment will be placed over the treatment area to support your newly enhanced chin and minimize swelling.


Those who choose to undergo chin augmentation surgery can expect some minor bruising, swelling, and discomfort for up to three days. It is recommended to consume a liquid diet for those three days and sleep upright for the first week. Most patients go back to work after one week, but strenuous physical activity should be avoided for at least four to six weeks.

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