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Many women today decide to undergo breast augmentation, either to improve the appearance of their breasts, in case they are small, to balance the size between them in case there is a noticeable difference in size in each of them, to adjust them due to their reduction after pregnancy, to raise the sagging breast, to correct a deformity or to increase self-confidence.

There are many reasons why women seek breast augmentation. With this surgery many patients manage to improve their lives, as they have been dragging complexes of too small or unbalanced breasts for years, something that can affect their daily life and in the relationship and acceptance of their own body. What breast surgery can do is to make a woman feel good about herself and her appearance, which will improve many aspects of her life and will generate self-confidence that she did not have before.

The reasons may be aesthetic, since many women improve their self-confidence after the operation, getting the breast size they wanted. This is why this type of surgery is the most demanded by women of all ages, accounting for more than 40% of the plastic surgery procedures performed throughout the year.

What Is Breast Augmentation And What Does It Consist Of?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, allows to modify the size and improve the shape of the breasts, in addition to eliminating the differences in size that may exist between the two breasts and replace the volume lost as a result of breastfeeding.

It is important to put yourself in the best hands for this type of surgery. The Quirónsalud plastic surgery team offers all the necessary medical guarantees for patients, in addition to this situation we are experiencing, protocols and safety measures have been taken to the extreme, PCR is performed on all patients prior to breast augmentation surgery and other surgical interventions.

Breast augmentation is a simple surgery in which the preoperative period is very important, which includes not only medical tests to confirm that our patients are in an optimal state of health for breast augmentation surgery, we also have a conversation in which they tell us what they expect from this intervention and we show them and explain what the process and its results will be.

Breast Augmentation Procedure: Step By Step

Once the decision to increase the size of the breast has been made, the patient is in the hands of an expert in plastic surgery and the necessary tests have been carried out, the day of the operation arrives.

Once the anesthesia has been performed, the plastic surgeon makes an incision in the area chosen for the implantation of the breast prosthesis whose main objective is to minimally notice the scar.

There are different ways by which this cut can be made, always taking into account the patient’s anatomy:

Via periareolar, this incision is made at the lower edge of the areola, at the boundary between the darker part of the areola and the lighter shade of the breast.

The submammary route, the approach by this route is performed through an incision of about 4 cm, in the submammary groove to access the plane where you want to place the prosthesis.

Axillary route: this access is located in the fold that appears in the armpit with the breast.

Once the incision is made, the plastic surgeon inserts the prosthesis. Once placed, it is correctly positioned under the breast tissue or the pectoral muscle. Finally, the incision is closed and a compressive bandage is placed over the breasts.

Once the patient wakes up from the anesthesia, the hospital team will decide if the patient is ready to be discharged from the hospital.

The results are quite immediate, since the breast implants that are placed in Quironsalud centers, allow to obtain a breast with a natural look and feel.

How Is The Postoperative Period After Breast Augmentation?

Generally, if everything goes well, after 24 to 48 hours the patient can return to almost normal life.

Caution should be exercised since the operated area is still swollen and it is normal that the first days after the intervention discomfort in the arms to move them and even swelling in the chest.

It is recommended to wait a minimum of one month to return to physical exercise and at least one or two weeks to return to driving.

Types Of Prostheses Used In Breast Augmentation

There are different types of prostheses used in breast augmentation surgery, and the choice and subsequent placement will depend on the proportions of the woman’s body and the existing space in her chest to insert them.

Round prostheses have the same width at the top and bottom, while ergonomic prostheses are not symmetrical in height and width, and have a characteristic teardrop or pear shape. The latter is the best option if you are looking for a very natural result.

Breast augmentation with your own fat, an alternative to implants

Lipofilling is the alternative to breast augmentation with implants. It consists of a surgical intervention that allows increasing the patient’s breast with her own fat extracted from a surplus part of the body, such as the abdomen.

The main advantage is that it is a surgery that does not usually cause any kind of rejection, because it is your own fat and also leaves no scar. This type of intervention allows obtaining a very natural breast result.

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